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To improve Mental Health today, for a better future tomorrow.

At Talk Works, we work alongside HR Teams, Occupational Health and Line Managers nationwide to help employees work well, feel well and engage well at work.

We Are Talk Works

1 in 6 of us in the workplace experience mental health problems every year. Talk Works believes that employees are your most important asset - they are the heart of any business. We want people to thrive and fulfil their potential in the workplace, so they can lead happier lives outside of it. We work in partnership with business leaders, HR and Occupational Health teams to provide mental health education and rapid access to therapy.

Our Services


Rapid access to evidence based one-to-one talking therapy for those who are struggling with mental health difficulties.

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Wellbeing Online

Accessible, self guided learning about mental health and wellbeing for all your people.

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Training Workshops

Our clinical experts have designed our digital or in-person workshops to suit your organisation and people.

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News & Blogs

Coaching vs Therapy

Coaching Vs Therapy: What are the differences? While there is a lot of overlap between coaching and therapy, they are very distinct from each other in terms of their focus...

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Move more for better wellbeing

Move More for Better Wellbeing: Staying Active at Work Figures from Public Health England suggest we are 20% less active than we were in the 1960s. Technological advances at home...

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Reduce Stress with a Digital Detox

Today we are more connected than ever and spend a lot of our days on screens, whether at work or in our downtime. While technology has made our lives easier...

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