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Based in the North East of England, we provide psychological services to businesses. Our team of psychologists work directly with employers and staff to improve employee wellbeing, reduce absenteeism and enhance productivity. We help you to help your staff, not just to reduce your business costs, but because improving wellbeing is the right thing to do. We offer rapid access to staff counselling and therapy on a pay as you go basis. We deliver workshops to train employees to identify early signs of stress and mental ill health and deliver practical techniques for coping with problems.

Enhance staff morale, increase productivity and drive efficiency with Talk Works

Group of industrial workersWith business in mind, we’re psychologists who understand how people work. We believe that to work well, people must be well and engage well at work. We work with businesses to achieve this.

When it comes to increasing staff productivity and managing staff well-being, Talk Works provides the tools and support for businesses large and small.

Our team of expert consultants and psychologists work side by side with a host of cross sector businesses in the UK to dramatically improve mental health, engagement and, in turn, the working environment.

We understand how to engage employees in a positive way to help you to get the most out of your company and your staff.

We can provide your business with rapid access to treatment when staff members show signs of mental health problems. Our mental health team includes clinical psychologists in Newcastle and the North East who will provide you with the support your staff need.

Mental health problems cost UK employers £26bn/year:
£8.4bn sickness absence
£15.1bn lost productivity
£2.4bn staff turnover


Why Talk Works?

Business communication and web conference iconsWe offer both organisational psychologists and clinical psychologists to UK businesses. Our organisational psychologists provide training, consultancy and staff engagement development. Our clinical psychologists offer rapid treatment for employees with poor mental health. Talk Works prides itself on generating practical, results-driven methods of improving performance within organisations.

Many people will conceal stress and distress from colleagues and employers, yet these problems impact on an individual’s ability to function both at work and at home.

We have the expertise and resources to build successful teams with satisfied, motivated and high-performing individuals in the workplace. If you want to improve performance and staff well-being in the North East of England, our experts can quickly identify issues and develop solutions to human resource challenges and mental health issues within your business.

Mental health is a broad spectrum. – 1 in 4 people in the UK suffers mental health problems, including anxiety, stress in the workplace and substance misuse.

We believe that early intervention is the driver to success, and we can help you assess mental health in your workforce and offer training and treatment where necessary.

Talk to us about staff engagement. Our experts can help you to maximise the potential of your workforce.


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Let Talk Works save your business money, reduce absenteeism and take bold and positive steps to improve staff well-being.

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About Us

Talk Works is based in Newcastle upon Tyne and provides a range of psychological services for businesses.

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