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Blue Monday

The third Monday in January has become known and reported widely as Blue Monday – the most depressing day of the year.

Its demonization is based on our Christmas warm glow beginning to vanish, whilst the weather worsens and the bills from our wonderful holiday season start to land on our doormats and inboxes. Add that most of our well-intended resolutions have now fallen by the wayside, (I’ve yet to start my 2019 fitness revolution – I blame the truckload of Christmas goodies that appeared in our house and although now hidden in cupboards, are still calling my name!), this is not the jolliest time of the year.

So what can we do?

Many, including the Samaritans are using this day to promote doing something good for yourself and others, supporting those around you at a time when we are all feeling a little bit ‘urgh’. Checking in on others and ourselves, will have a huge impact on our communities and I hope those around me always feel I am there for them but is it time for me to step up and proactively show that I am.

So, here is my promise on this Blue Monday:

  • I promise to arrange that coffee with the gang, the one that I’ve been meaning to do since the start of November.
  • I promise, after numerous failed attempts last year, to actually go and see a film with my film-loving friend.
  • And I promise to finally put the biscuits down and start my fitness plan.

So, let’s make a deal on this Blue Monday to check in with ourselves and our family and friends. Call that friend you’ve been meaning to call for ages and just haven’t got around to it, put down your phone and start that book or simply give someone who is looking down a hug or a smile. It’s amazing the impact a small gesture can make on someone. Plus, it’s never too late to start or restart those New Year’s resolutions.

And remember the #asktwice campaign, if you sense something is not quite right, don’t take their first ‘ok’ as an answer, ask again and see if there is something more needed.

Now, off to find my phone and make that call (wonder what cake the coffee shop will have in this week, I mean fruit salad ?).

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